Chronos Theatre Group specializes in bringing historical performance styles to modern audiences, and one of our favorite forms of outreach is performing and teaching commedia dell’arte.  Board Member and guest artist Ivan Rupnik has shared his years of experience in special workshops and as a consultant on our production of The Coffee Shop by Carlo Goldoni.  Associate Artist Sherri Allen teaches commedia classes at Mira Costa College, and directed commedia outreach performances for Chronos as part of World Commedia Day.  Among other outreach performances, Chronos was featured on UCSD-TV’s “Opera Talk”, performing commedia dell’arte adapted from the opera “I Pagliacci", and interviewed by Beth Accomando for KPBS-TV.

Chronos offers a series of ongoing commedia workshops and performances, so please contact us at for more information. 

Photo:  On the set of UCSD-TV’s Opera Talk

Pictured:  Eric Tauber, David Radford, Celeste Innocenti, George Weinberg-Harter


Commedia dell' arte